The PEDIATRIC CENTER OF COLORECTAL and accompanying UROGENITAL DISEASES (PCCUD) offers the highest standard care using a personalized and multidisciplinary approach to treat for children with disorders of the colon and especially of the anorectal region, but also with associated disorders of the urogenital and nervous systems.

At PCCUD, the specialized team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists and child psychologists, provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and support for children when caring for these disorders. Treatment can be conservative (diet, medication, physiotherapy, etc.), endoscopic (removal of polyps, treatment of fistulas, etc.) and surgical.

Special care is given to patients with complex rectal and urogenital diseases. The diagnostic and therapeutic approach are particularly important. Emphasis is given in early prenatal diagnosis whenever possible, and prenatal counselling. The treatment of these conditions is surgical (PSARP, PSARP-VUP, MALONE, DUHAMEL – MARTIN, etc.).

Due to the complexity of some cases (rectal abnormalities, Hirschsprung’s disease), immediate and long term postoperative care is necessary (e.g. with the bowel management program), routine follow-up, multidisciplinary support (nutrition, medication, psychological and social) may be required multiple times during childhood. Our team and our partners will support you and inform you of the possible problems (bowel control, urination control, sexual intercourse and fertility – childbearing) that your child may face in the course of their life.

In addition, our collaboration with leading international centers (Pediatric Colorectal Program – Colorectal & Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery, Children’s National Hospital, Washington, DC, USA – Prof. M. Levitt), offers us the opportunity for direct communication, discussion, and even joint case based management planning for particularly complex cases.

Our goal is to achieve the best functional result, based on the diagnosis, and to support each patient and his family to reach a good quality of life.