Prenatal ultrasound often raises suspicion for fetal anomalies. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a detailed diagnostic testing (fetal MRI, etc.) in order to gain further information aboutthe potential problem.

After completing theinvestigations, our center’s expert team will discuss the results and then meet with you. Important features of the group meeting include:

  • Presentation of your baby’s problem
  • Description of prenatal treatment options, if needed
  • Develop a plan of care for the rest of your pregnancy and delivery
  • Description of treatment and
  • Description of the long-term outcome of your baby after birth

Our team provides a comprehensive diagnostic and counseling approach to parents who during prenatal screening of the embryo, are informed about diagnosis or suspicion of a congenital disease, in order to better prepare for timely treatment after delivery.

Counseling is also provided to women who wish to become pregnant and have undergone surgery on rectal abnormalities, Hirschsprung’s disease etc.