The Bowel Management Program is aimed for children who suffer from severe constipation or some forms of fecal incontinence or diarrhea. Children who may benefit from this program may have:

  • had surgical treatment of anorectal malformations
  • had surgical treatment of Hirshsprung’s disease
  • been born with a spinal anomaly such as spina bifida, meningocele, or myelomeningocele
  • had surgical excision of a sacrococcygeal teratoma
  • neurological conditions
  • suffered from severe chronic constipation without specific etiology
  • other conditions

The Bowel Management Program helps patients with constipation or faecal incontinence to gain better bowel control. It includes the combination of nutritional support, medication, enemas, physical therapy, psychological support, learning bowel emptying techniques, or other methods in order to improve or treat bowel disorders.

Initially it is required that you visit us in order to take a history, examine your child, and determine if the Bowel Management Program is appropriate for your child.

In case your child joins the bowel management program, it is necessary to accurately investigate and determine your child’s problem with a process of examinations and tests. Thereby a treatment plan can be designed individually for each child according to their needs.

This is implemented with a 6 day intensive program (Bowel Management Week).

During this 6 day outpatient program, parents and children learn everything they need to know to best deal with their child’s problem.

Bowel Management Week takes place one week each month.

During this week, you will be in contact with the program coordinator.

Day 1 (Friday)

The first day is usually the longest of the week. Plan that you will stay in the hospital many hours, depending on your particular case. Subsequent visits will be shorter and last for 1-3 hours.

  • Your child will be examined and undergo laboratory tests determined by the clinical team for each child.
  • You will meet a pediatric surgeon or gastroenterologist and your child will have an initial enema or suppository.
  • You will attend a brief information session on the bowel management program.

Day 2 and 3

During the weekend you will follow the instructions and document progress that will have been prescribed by the clinical team specifically for your child.

Day 4

You will meet a doctor or a specialist nurse to determine progress over the weekend (days 2 and 3) and better evaluate ongoing problems.

Days 5, 6, and 7

You will meet the specialist from the multidisciplinary team according to your child’s case to guide you in better managing their problem.

The multidisciplinary team is made of pediatric surgeons, pediatric urologists, pediatric gastroenterologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, gynecologists, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, radiologists, and nurses.

(A part of your child’s management may include daily examinations, daily reports of bowel movements. Doctors, nurses and the coordinator will review the data and make recommendations to your child’s treatment as required.)


Bowel disorders in children can become a significant source of stress for a family. Our experienced team provides support and solutions in a friendly and positive environment for your child.

Due to the complexity of some cases, some children need care throughout their lives. Knowing these problems and dealing with them in a timely manner, if they arise, leads to the best outcome. Our Center is specially designed to provide support to these patients and their families, at every stage of their lives.

The bowel management program can have a high success rate for children with severe constipation or fecal incontinence who complete the program.

Our goal is to achieve the best functional result, based on the underlying diagnosis, in order to help each patient and their family to have a good quality of life.

How can my child be included in the Bowel Management Program?

The first step for your child is a consultation with a pediatric surgeon or gastroenterologist in the Paediatric Colorectal Center.

After this consultation, the team will determine if the Bowel Management Program is the most appropriate next step for your child. Thereafter, we will contact you to help prepare for the program.

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